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"May the Scale Lords be With You: Shedding Light on Modern BG/x Scales"

Modern is always an exciting time for brewing! So far, Kaladesh block has been an extremely impactful set, reshaping the Modern landscape. That impact reaches into new archetypes with a powerful Modern version of Hardened Scales.dec, a fast and flexible BG/x deck focused around +1/+1 counters. Winding Constrictor’s success in Standard set off a chain of brewing with the “snek” and Hardened Scales in Modern as well by finishing with two of the most powerful +1/+1 counter creatures in the format: Hangarback Walker and Walking Ballista. Ballista has already made a splash in Tron decks as a low to the ground flexible answer card for that strategy, but in a deck designed to abuse +1/+1 counters, the card becomes phenomenal.

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"Introducing the Olympics of Awesomeness: Or, I Was In Greece!"

This week, Mal introduces us to the Tavern's monthly contest: The Olympics of Awesomeness! Let him tell you about the structure and rewards for particicpating in this great contest. Visit our forums for more information on how to enter.

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Stay Tuned, More Content Coming Soon!
Stay Tuned, More Content Coming Soon!
Stay Tuned, More Content Coming Soon!