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 Post subject: RIX prereleases
PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 7:34 am 
Spamslayer Dragon
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How'd you go and what cool things happened?

I started off Saturday morning with a solid Merfolk deck. No stupid bombs, but some great tribal synergies - two Mist-Cloaked Herald, two Merfolk Mistbinder, two Jadelight Ranger, Forerunner of the Heralds, Aquatic Incursion, Shapers of Nature, and a bunch of random Merfolk. My pool had no removal in it whatsoever - a single Divine Verdict amongst a bunch of terrible white cards - but going through with hard to block guys led me to a pretty easy 4-0.

Saturday afternoon gave me a red-green Dino deck. There was a point at which, with a Knight of the Stampede and [card]Sunbird's Invocation[/card] in play, I cast Polyraptor and cascaded into Thundering Spineback, followed up next turn with Hunt the Weak and Shake the Foundations for SO MANY RAPTORS. Trove of Temptation was a surprising all-star in this deck.

Sunday morning gave me another Merfolk deck with more individually powerful cards (Seafloor Oracle, Path of Discovery, a couple Hunt the Weak), but not as good synergies and less Merfolk overall (no Forerunners or Mistbinders). Ended up 2-1-1.

Last one on Sunday afternoon gave me just a stupid pool - my deck ended up with Angrath, the Flame-Chained, [card]Burning Sun's Avatar[/card], Golden Guardian, a nice removal suite, and two (2) Tetzimoc, Primal Death. Unfortunately mana problems screwed me in one match, and I lost another to [card]Conqueror's Foothold[/card] that I couldn't answer.

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