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 Post subject: Taunt Warrior
PostPosted: Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:12 pm 
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So Un-goro has renewed my interest in Hearthstone and it looks like Blizzard finally succeeded at making taunt warrior semi viable. When running this list you need to answer that all important question, who's the beat down, as quickly as you can. Against combo mage, or crystal rogue you're the beat down against everybody else you get to play the role of the control deck. Keeping the board under control is extremely important, more important in most match ups than getting your quest online as quickly as possible so don't be too stingy with your removal. In the build up to the quest try to get your armor up if you can so that you can easily stay out of burst range. Once you get the quest reward you want to hero power every turn. If you can continue to clear the board you'll put them on a clock if not that 8 damage a turn can make it hard for anything to stick around on your opponent's side for very long anyways.

1x Fire Plume's Heart
2x Shield Slam
2x Whirlwind
2x Execute
2x Fiery War Axe
2x Slam
2x Stubborn Gastropod
2x Shield Block
2x Stonehill Defender
2x Tar Creeper
2x Bloodhoof Brave
2x Alley Armorsmith
2x Brawl
2x Ornery Direhorn
1x The Curator
2x Primordial Drake

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