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PostPosted: Sat Aug 04, 2018 7:25 am 
Young Dragon
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It has been several months since the oracle in Kel prophesized the return of an ancient evil and predicted that each plane of existence would one by one be engulfed in hellfire should Ravok fail to prevent the villain's rise. He had immediately set out to form a team of planeswalkers powerful enough to stave off this menace, and the mountainous regions of Ixalan is where we currently find King Ravok of Kel searching for a rumored minotaur planeswalker in hopes of recruiting his kin to his super group.

"All I wanted was to know where he went." Ravok sighs deeply, standing over a broken pirate lackey quivering on the ground. The warrior had found a bandit's hideout where the minotaur, named Angrath he found out, was rumored to haunt in between quests. Upon his arrival the few pirates that occupied it had ambushed Ravok, only to be quickly overwhelmed by his strength and surprising speed. 5 of the 6 criminals lay unconscious, littered across the room amidst broken furniture and discarded weapons. The last one had fallen to his knees before Ravok, begging for forgiveness but not able to give Ravok the information sought.

With a snort, Ravok turns and leaves the hideout. He was irritated at the apparent waste of time and now was overtaken by the urge to smash the nearest object with his hammer. Rav made his way to the top of a plateau, a little over a hundred feet above the base of an enormous mountain and overlooking a vast plain. The plateau itself spanned nearly half a mile and to his back, the mountain stood taller than the clouds. It was a good place to collect himself and think over his next move without releasing his wrath on the next thing he saw.

But still...

With a roar, the minotaur turns and slams the head of his hammer against the mountain with earth shattering force. The blow causes a fissure to open up and cracks spiderweb across the face of the rock, but of course the mountain is overall unfazed by the king's method of stress relief.

Just then, a shadow is cast over the king as something massive flying above blots out the sun for a brief moment. Believing he has drawn the attention of some native beast, Ravok prepares himself to attack the oncoming form.

The friendly neighborhood Minotaur!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:37 am 
Spamslayer Dragon
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Away. Away!

The voices clawed at my mind, like some terrible demon creature trying to drag me down into the deepest pit of inky darkness. Awaken, they said, during one of the brief periods they were clear enough to make out a word. Power, I heard. Reign.


They were clearer now, clearer than they had ever been. Where had they come from? Whose trickery was it that was tearing at my mind? Somehow, the least of my questions now was where I was. Not home. Nowhere familiar. I remembered...I vaguely remembered the night before - or perhaps a few nights ago, I had lost track - when the voices rang loud through my mind. So loud, so clear. As though my very den were filled with the demons that whispered to me.


In blind panic, I had flung myself through the Blind Eternities, somewhere, anywhere, in the vague hope of ridding myself of whatever curse I had been saddled with. To no avail. How long had I flown? How far?

Get away! I desperately called out, in my own mind, to whatever was crowding in there. I won't submit!

You will.

I roared out, a furious bellow. I remembered a run-in with some natives. Well, not quite remembered. I had sharp-bladed reminders of the encounter still stuck painfully in my wing, my leg, my shoulder. There was a distinct taste of blood in my mouth. Merfolk blood. And there was another encounter with another, not a dragon. Like a dragon, but smaller. Wingless. And I craved more. More blood. More feasting. The hunger, it was maddening.



Down there, a silhouette. Small. Prey.


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